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By using this website, you agree that you commit yourself with these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. Our services and our products are provided under the following terms and conditions. The website belongs and is functioned by Green Blue Savours, under licensed activities. 


Owner and appropriation entity of this website is Savvas Hadzidimitriou. The head office of the enterprise is located at Nikis Avenue 37, Edessa, ZC 58200, Pella, Greece



Introduction –General



In this point you will find all useful information about the terms of function of the e-shop “”. For questions, queries or clarifications about the terms and conditions or for comments and complaints about our website, please communicate with us at our address 37 Nikis Avenue, Edessa, ZC 58200, Pella, Greece, telephone +3023810 25708, +306977493411.


The use of this website is under the exclusive responsibility of every user-visitor and for this reason the users, before they make use of this website, must read carefully and comply with the terms and conditions below, which regulate the use of “” e-shop, which bind all the visitors and users. If any user-visitor chooses to subscribe as a member of this website, then it is automatically considered, that he has accepted the hereby terms of use of it. 


This website and the services that are offered through this are directed solely to adults. It is prohibited to minors to use or visit it, as also to make transactions with it. In case of visit or use of this website from minors, “” has no responsibility, as it does not have the ability to control the identification of the incoming users-visitors. 


“” is trying to maintain and secure the availability of the website and its content. Regardless of these efforts, the availability of the hereby website is based on several factors, such as the technical equipment of the users, the number of users trying to connect simultaneously with the hereby website or internet etc. “” has the right to maintain the website, even if this has as a result the suspension of its function. The use of our e-shop and the services that we offer require the unconditional acceptance of its terms of use by the users-visitors. If any user does not agree with the terms of use that regulate this website, then he is called forth to avoid the use of this site. The users-visitors of this website accept the inadequacy of “” to control the whole of its content and of the services that are offered. “” does not guarantee that the use from website users-visitors of information, data or materials that are included in its content will not offend third party rights.



Advertisement Messages


“” is giving the users of its site the chance to get informed about its new products and possible offers by sending advertising-informative messages to their electronic or post address or by telephone, while giving the users at anytime the chance to choose the termination of receiving advertising messages.  




In case that the products of your order are not available, we inform you by e-mail or by phone for the accurate delivery time. If you agree with the new delivery time and wish your order to be active, you must inform us by e-mail or by phone. In case that you are not satisfied by the new terms of carrying out your order, the order will be canceled. 




“” has the right to abolish or change the features of the products, as also their prices, without notice. The customer on every occasion is charged with the amount which is written in his order, regardless of any price changing till the delivery date. The prices include the contextually effective VAT. There is a possibility of a variation between the features that are shown on the products photos, like color and texture and the real features of the products. 


“” can sell products in special prices, whose expiry date can be shorter that the usual one written on the hereby selling products; this fact will always be brought to the attention of the users-visitors when they are making their order. 



Cancellation of the order


You have the chance to cancel your order by phone or by e-mail within 24 hours, under the condition that the products have not been shipped. 


In case that the shipping procedure has started, you can return the product (according to the returning products policy of the enterprise, see below) paying the shipping cost of the product return. The customer is responsible for any damage that will be caused by the cancellation of the order. In some cases of order there is a possibility to ask for a deposit. 



Force majeure


If “”, in case of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes etc.) is not able to deliver the products within the prescheduled time, as it is defined below, we will notice you either by e-mail or by phone to declare to us if you wish, under these circumstances, to complete your order. “” has no responsibility for any reason because of force majeure events. 



Change-Return Policy


Reasons of returning a product are the following:



1. Our fault


2. Destroyed product


3. Defective product


4. Product whose expiry date has already passed on the delivery of it


5. A different product than the one that the costumer has ordered


6. On customer’s wish to return the product and replace it with another one



  • In case of our fault we refund in whole the money that is equivalent to the value of the order and the shipping costs. In case that there is no fault on our side, we refund only the amount that is equivalent to the value of the products, but the customer is burdened solely the shipping costs.


  • If you receive your order and there is a product which has been destroyed during the shipping, you must notice us within 14 calendar days from the pickup date, either by phone in the numbers +3023810 25708 and +306977493411 or by e-mail to, so as to take care for the immediate replacement of it. In such a case, it is necessary to send us the destroyed package. The customer is not charged for the delivery of the new product and the pickup of the destroyed one.


  • In case of a defective product (e.g. a not working pump etc) you must notice us within 14 calendar days from the pickup date for the replacement of it, either by phone in the numbers +3023810 25708 and +306977493411 or by e-mail to In such a case, it is necessary to send us the destroyed package. The customer is not charged for the delivery of the new product and the pickup of the defective one.


  • In case that the products you have received have exceeded the expiry date, you must notice us within 14 calendar days from the pickup date, either by phone in the numbers +3023810 25708 and +306977493411 or by e-mail to In such a case, it is necessary to send us the expired product. The customer is not charged for the delivery of the new product and the pickup of the expired one. In case that you do not want the replacement of the expired product, we refund in whole the amount that is equivalent to the value of the order and the shipping cost.


  • When there is lack of a product or it is abolished or replaced by another one and our e-shop had not the chance to be noticed, we shall contact you by phone and will inform you for any change that must be done, so as to receive the right and suitable to you product. In case that there was no contact and despite this you received a product different than the one you have ordered and this product is not respective and proportionate to the one you have ordered, then you must notice us within 14 calendar days, either by phone in the numbers +3023810 25708 and +306977493411 or by e-mail to to replace it immediately.  In such a case, it is necessary to send us the mistaken product. The customer is not charged for the delivery of the new product and the pickup of the mistaken one. The mistaken product must be in perfect condition; it must not have been used and must be accompanied with any document or instructions, which were in the initial package. 


  • In case that the customer wishes to replace the product with another one, all the shipping and/or COD charges will burden solely the customer. The product you want to replace must be in perfect condition, it must not be unsealed (if it was sealed), it must not be opened, it must not have damages, it must not be used and it must be accompanied from whatever was included in its initial package.  


Returns are acceptable under coordination and only in case that the products have not been used and are in their initial condition. In case that a product was used or the initial package is tampered, return is not acceptable. 


Money refund will take place within 14 days from the return and pickup of the products from us. 


Money refund will be made with the same way of payment with which you completed your order. In cases of COD and bank deposit you must notice us your bank account, to which you want us to make the refund. For the returns the receipt is necessary, while in case of an invoice the return must be done with a consignment note. In case that the payment was made via credit card, the transaction will be cancelled and the credit card will be noticed about. 


In case that the return will not take place in a timeline of 14 calendar days after the pickup day or if any of the return conditions are not completed, “” has the right to refuse taking the products back and replacing them. 


Before the return of a product you must contact “” at the phone numbers +3023810 25708 and +306977493411. We do not accept single changes of products, which are contents of an offer package; the whole package must be changed. The address to which you will return the products is: 37 Nikis Avenue, Edessa, ZC 58200, Pella, Greece. 



Withdrawing Rights


You have the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 calendar days without any reason. The withdrawal deadline ends 14 calendar days after the next day from the day you purchased or a third person, except the carrier, which was suggested by you, has obtained the possession of the products. 


To exert your withdrawal right, you must notice the enterprise with the name Savvas Hadzidimitriou, which resides at 37 Nikis Avenue, Edessa, ZC 58200, Pella, Greece (e-mail: for your decision to withdraw from this agreement with a clear statement (e.g. letter which will be sent by post or e-mail). For your better service it is suggested to contact before any return by phone with the numbers +3023810 25708 and +306977493411, so as the details of the return to be organized in the best possible way.     


You can use the template withdrawal form, which you can download here; this is not obligatory. For keeping the withdrawal deadline, you must send your statement that you exert your withdrawal right before the end of the withdrawal deadline. The products which were bought must return in their initial condition, this means that the package must not be tampered and must be in its initial (factory-made) condition and the products must be unused, accompanied by the relevant sale document (proof-invoice). Condition of the withdrawal is, that you have to abide the conditions of keeping the products as it is written in their package. 


“” is suggesting that you must carefully control during the pickup of the order the condition of the sold products and that their package is intact, so as to find out possible apparent defects (e.g. wrong item etc). 


Keeping in mind that among our products are included some which can be tampered or expire soon, or are perishable and so they are sensitive, we inform you that these products are expressly excluded by law from the withdrawal right. To see which products are these you will be informed contacting “”


We point out, that the criteria of defining the excluded from the withdrawal right products are ruled by law, as for example the fragile nature of the products, how easily they tamper or the short date of expire and they were set according to the usual practice and the declarations and relevant preservation instructions, as they appear in the written indications on the tags of the products. 


Withdrawal Consequences


If you withdraw from the agreement, we shall refund all the money we have collected from you, including the delivery costs (excluding the supplementary costs, which were caused by your choice to use another way of delivery than the one we offer), without an inexcusable delay and definitely within 14 calendar days since the day we have been informed about your decision to withdraw from this agreement. We shall execute the above mentioned money refund using the same way of payment that you had used for the initial transaction, except if you have expressly agreed something different. In every occasion, you will not be charged with costs for such a money refund, except when you suggest a different way of refund (than the one you used in the initial transaction); then you will be charged with the possible costs of use by “” of this different way, which (costs) will be subtracted from the sum of the refund. 


We have the right to delay the money refund till we receive the goods back or till you prove that you have sent the goods back. You are obliged to send the goods back or to deliver them at our natural shop, without an inexcusable delay and definitely within 14 calendar days since the next day from the day you purchased or a third person, except the carrier, which was suggested by you, has obtained the possession of the products. 

The deadline is considered that was kept if you send the goods back before the end of the 14 days’ period. You are burdened with the costs of the return of the products, while you are also responsible for a possible reduction of the value of the goods, which will be caused by an unnecessary handling so as to define the nature, the features and the function of the goods. The necessary handling is done obligatory in a way as that it would be allowed to you in every natural shop.



About the return of products and money:


a)You return the products following the next steps: 


You send the product to the head office of the Enterprise at 37 Nikis Avenue, Edessa, ZC 58200, Pella, Greece. 


After you pack the product with its package material, please enclose: a) the sale voucher (invoice-proof), b) a document, in which you inform us with the way you wish us to solve the financial loose end and c) the withdrawal form which is included in these terms of use, or whatever withdrawal declaration resembling to this. For the delivery of the product we suggest to use the courier company who has delivered the product to you. In case that the packet arrives and the conditions of return do not apply, the product is not acceptable and it will be returned back to the client, while all the delivery costs will burden the client.  


In case of repeated returns from the same consumer, “” has the right to refuse the return of the product, because of abuse of rights for the withdrawal or replacement of our products (article 281 CC). In this case the consumer is burdened with the possible costs caused by the abuse of his rights. 


WARNING: We do not accept single changes of products, which are contents of an offer package; the whole package must be changed.


For further information and queries about the product’s delivery process to us please contact us in the phone numbers +3023810 25708 and +306977493411. 


b) Money refund:


Especially in cases of COD payment at your home or in any case where the money refund is not possible by the way you have used in the initial transaction, in case of withdrawal your money refund will be made in coordination with us, by depositing the money to your bank account without any charge of yours.



Intellectual Property Rights


This website and its content, including images, photographs, plans, texts, information material, services and products provided, trademarks, names, distinguishing characteristics, data of any kind, software, except if it is declared in a different way about specific rights of third parties, they are intellectual and industrial property of “” and they are protected by the relevant rules of the Greek and European Law and the international agreements. Their use is expressly prohibited without a prior permit of “” or their legal legatee. Whatever is carried, transmitted or sent via this website is owned by “”. No further formulation, contract signature or prohibited clause is needed so as to obtain intellectual property. Any copy, alteration, analogue or/and digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transit, downloading, processing, resale, rent, storage, printing, creation of a derivative work or deceptiveness of the public according the real provider of the website and its content is expressly prohibited. Products, names, trademarks and distinctive characteristics of third parties, which are shown in this website, are intellectual and industrial property of them and they carry exclusively the responsibility for them; their exposure in this website is not considered as transfer or concession of an expressed or implied permit or right of use. 



Personal Data – (GDPR)        


The respect of your Personal Data is for as a legal and moral obligation. For this reason we follow strictly this Personal Data Protection Policy, which ensures the high level of the offered services, keeping rigorously the existing legislative status. The processing of your Personal Data by “” is hold according to the regulations of Law 4624/2019 (GNI 137/A/29-8-2019), which was issued aiming the compliance of the national legislation to the regulations of the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION of the EE (2016/679), as it is completed from the relevant nation and European legislation about the protection of the personal data. The personal character’s data which are related  with you are collected and are kept for the necessary needed time and for defined, expressed and legal purposes, while they are processed legally with a transparent way, always according to the existing legislative status and in a way which guarantees their appropriate security. These data are at every time appropriate, relevant, suitable and not more than these needed considering the above aims, they are accurate and if needed, they are updated. “” has the right to inform its clients via informative e-mails. The user can be deleted from the informative e-mails list by clicking on the relevant link, which is included in every informative e-mail. 


The subject of the personal data has the right to ask at every moment “” to terminate the transmitting of informative-promotional material. When exerting his objection right (which is given by L. 2472/1997) the entity of the personal data must ask in writing the Processing Supervisor to make a specific action, such as correcting his personal data, temporarily not using them, commitment of them, not transmitting them or deleting them. In case that the user-visitor announces by his own volition his personal data via this website directly to third parties, it is for him to make an investigation of the protection terms of these data by these third parties. In this case the user-visitor accepts that “” has no responsibility for such type of announces, but also for the consequent possible use of these data from third persons. “” has no responsibility for a possible announcement from users of this website of personal or/and sensible data of third parties via the website, without the prior consent of the interested data carrier. Every user-visitor guarantees about the accuracy and authenticity of his personal data that he announces to “”. “” is against the personal data collection of minors and it is its policy neither to collect, nor to process data of such persons. 


It is certified that only authorized staff will have access to transactions information and only when this is needed, e.g. for processing the orders.



Legal Purposes


With this policy are defined the terms and conditions, which are kept by “” for the protection of the personal data of the users-visitors of this website, only when these data are provided from the interested persons by their own volition for the following purposes:


  • For service provision that the users-visitors choose through this website (e.g. buying products, information about new products, taking part in contests etc). 


  • For offering better service to the users-visitors.


  • For the collection of information from the users-visitors, who is relevant with the products and services of “” and their improvement based on the collected information.  


  • For informing the users-visitors about the new products of “” under their consent.


  • For informing the users-visitors about offers of “”, as also about possible contests, under their consent. 


  • For the promotion and propulsion of the “” products from distance, under the users’-visitors’ consent. 


  • For market research and contact with the users-visitors, under their consent. 


  • For the improvement of the brand awareness of “”.


“” has the right to modify and adjust this Policy whenever it considers it necessary, while the ever changes will enter into force after been posted on the website of “”.



Personal Data Security


“” has taken the appropriate technical and organizational measures about safekeeping that the standing legislation about personal data is kept, as also to succeed the appropriate security standards for the personal data of the users-visitors-clients or third parties, whose data are being processed. “” has taken all necessary security measures so as to prohibit the access to the personal data to anybody, except the appropriate authorized persons and only for the legal purposes of processing, as they are stated above.





For the purposes of this Personal Data Security Policy stand the definitions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):


  • As “personal character data” is meant every information which refers to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”); the identifiable natural person is the one that his identity can be verified, directly or indirectly, especially through reference to a recognized identity element, like name, identity number, position data, an online recognized identity or one or more factors, who are similar to the body, physiological, genetic, psychological, financial, cultural or social identity of this natural person.


  • As “procession” is meant every action or a series of actions, which is done with or without using automated means, in personal character‘s data, like the collection, registration, organization, structure, storage, adaptation or change, retrieval, information search, use, announcing by transmitting, the dissemination or any other kind of sale, the association or the combination, the limitation, deleting or destroying. 


  • As “processing supervisor” is meant the natural or legal person, the public authority, the service or another entity, who alone or together with others are managing the purposes and the way of personal character ‘s data processing. When the purposes and the kind of this processing are ruled by the Union‘s Law or the Law of a member state, the processing supervisor or the special criteria about his appointment can be provided by the Union‘s Law or the Law of a member state. 





This website is using cookies, aiming “” to have access to some information every time a user-visitor is browsing our website. 


Cookies are alphanumeric archives, which are carried to the I.P. addresses of the browsers from a web server and are stored in the hard disc of a website’s user computer. The usefulness of cookies lies on keeping statistical data, which are necessary to offering services like the ones that are offered by “”, as also to define the popular websites or for marketing reasons and the access of the user-visitor to the wanted website. 


Cookies do not harm, neither they predict dangers for the computer of the website‘s user-visitor.  If someone does not wish the information collection through cookies, he can adjust his browser, so as to delete the already stored in his hard disc cookies and also to choose either all new cookies to be rejected, or to be asked every time a cookie is going to be installed in the hard disc of the computer, if he wants it to be rejected or to be accepted. 


In every case, the users must know that the choice of cookies rejection makes more difficult or even impossible the use of some services of the website, as cookies make easier the browsing of the user in the website, storing some useful information, like the ones that refer to the orders condition, storage of products in the basket etc.




Your rights according to the Personal Data


With regard to the protection of your Personal Data, you have the following rights:


  • “Access‘s right”, this means the right to be informed for your personal data which are kept in our archives and to get copies of them.


  • “Correction’s right”, this means the right to ask the correction of inaccuracies and mistakes of your personal data kept in our archives. 


  • “Deletion’s right”, this means the right to ask us to delete your personal data kept in our archives or stop using them, without prejudice to the specific restrictions that are provided by the General Regulations. 


  • “Restriction’s right”, this means the right to ask the restriction of the processing of your personal data, when the conditions provided by the General Regulations have been met. 


  • “Portability’s right”, this means the right to ask from “” the direct transmission of your personal data to the organization you will suggest, provided they are technically structured according the relevant legislation. 


  • “Objection’s right”, to the processing of your personal data, except if there are imperative and legal reasons for the processing, which dominate your interests, rights and freedoms or for the foundations, claiming or support of the legal claims of “”.


“” will answer in written to you within 30 days after the receipt of your request and the identification of the applicant.



Use of Personal Data by Third Parties


“” does not announce your personal data to non related third persons without your approval. In the usual structure of our business activity is integrated the announcement from us of some of your personal data to companies, who we hire so as to complete services or functions for us (like the courier service with whom we cooperate to deliver our products). On every occasion we share your personal data with a third party, we do not authorize it to keep, disclose or use your data beyond the services purpose we have asked it to provide us. Finally, it is possible to be legally obliged to disclose your personal data after a judicial writ, summons, warrant, law or Regulation. 



Time Keeping your Personal Data


“” does not keep your personal data for a longer time that the one needed. On some occasions personal data must be kept for long time periods, so as to be available as long as and when there are questions or disputes. The periods of keeping the personal data are defined by the kind of the collected personal data and the purpose for whom they are collected, considering the conditions that stand on every occasion and the need of destructing old data which are no more in use as soon as possible. In case of a commercial relationship between the user and “” a reasonable time of keeping your personal data is at least (5) five years after the completion of the sale (tax reasons-legislation). We shall continue to manipulate your personal data according these statement principles of personal data protection for the period they are in our possession.



Personal Data Protection


If you consider that your personal data have been harmed by any way, you can contact the National Authority of Personal Character’s Data Protection in the e-address:


Post Address: 1-3 Kifisias Avenue, ZC 11523, Athens


Telephone center: +30 210 6475600


Fax: +30 210 6475628





Applicable law


All the transactions that are made via “” are ruled and protected by the International and European Law about e-commerce (Directive 2000/31/EC, P.Ο. 131/2003) and by the Consumer’s protection Law (L. 2251/1994), who is regulating the distance agreements, as this was completed-modified with the C.M.D Z1-891/13-8-2013 (GNS B’ 2144/30-8-2013). Every dispute that arises from the use of this website or is related to these Terms of Use falls in the exclusive competence of the Thessaloniki courts.     



Alternative Dispute Resolution


According to Directive 2013/11/EC, who was integrated in the Greek Law with the CMD 70330/2015, there is the possibility of the electronic resolution of the consumers’ disputes by the procedure of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) within the European Union. If the customer has the consumer’s attribute (this means he is a natural person, who is acting beyond his professional attribute) and is facing any problem related with a purchase he has done via our website, then he can initiate the procedure ADR through the platform for the electronic dispute resolution (platform EDR), who is available at odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage



Limited Permission


“” under the hereby terms and conditions and all the applicable laws and regulations is providing you a non-exclusive, non transferable, personal, limited access right to use and present this website and its contents. This permission is not a title transfer and is subject to the following restrictions: (1) you must keep all copies of the website and its data, all the annotations that relate with intellectual rights and other property rights and (2) you cannot modify the webpage and its data by any way or reproduce or present to the public or share or with any other way use the webpage and its data for any public or commercial purpose. 






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