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Aronia Natural Glow


Natural drink with :

✔ 55% organic aronia juice,

✔ 25% sweet cherry juice,

✔ 18% herbs  mint infusion,

✔ 1% curcumin,

✔ 1% black pepper infusion


Natural Glow contains a balanced juice combination of 2 well known antioxidant fruits, our aronia berry and sweet cherry. This fruity recipe is enhanced by the use of curcumin, the active natural compound in turmeric, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant component. But curcumin is not alone, because it is accompanied by another close friend, black pepper, which helps it to be absorbed by the human body with an incredible rate of 2000%. At the end we add an infusion of mint to give a refreshing, even seductive character.


Roni The Great

Weight 0.425 kg


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