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The cultivation of the medicinal plant of aronia is a family affair for us. We started this business having been convinced both for its unique pharmaceutical properties and the dynamic market prospects of its products in Greece since there are lot of successful examples in the European and American market.

We have invested at the primary level starting from organic farming in a single privately owned estate of ​​30 acres in the Prefecture of Pella and specifically in the Municipality of Alexander the Great. We reinforced it with proprietary water supply and innovative irrigation systems, modern cultivation machinery and finally a lot of personal manual work required in organic farming.

The result is to harvest the precious aronia fruits of excellent quality in appearance and taste.



Aronia’s propeties and the place of its cultivation inspired us for the creation of a series of products. That is why we start cooperating with a Greek fruit processing unit that operates with compliance to European food production and food safety legislation resulting in the following ready-to-eat products under the european registered name Roni The Great:


  • ARONIA NATURAL BOOST- Natural drink with 35% organic aronia juice, citrus juice (orange and lemon) 38%, honey 7%, ginger 1%, and herbs 19% (mountain tea, sage and lemon verbena).
  • ARONIA NATURAL GLOW – Natural drink with 55% organic aronia juice, 25% sweet cherry juice, mint infusion 18%, curcumin 1% and 1% black pepper infusion
  • ARONIA NATURAL SPARK (BIO certified) – Natural organic drink with 95% organic aronia juice, 4% linden infusion and 1% Ceylon cinnamon infusion
  • ARONIA SPREAD ORANGE – Aronia with Kiwi and Orange (77% fruit) and Melissa officinallis herb
  • ARONIA SPREAD GOJI-BERRY- Aronia with Kiwi and Goji Berry (77% fruit) and Sage herb.
Aronia Natural Juices


organic aronia juice 35%
citrus juice (orange and lemon) 38%
herbs (mountain tea, sage and lemon verbena) 19%
honey 7%
ginger 1%


organic aronia juice 55%
sweet cherry juice 25%
herbs (mint infusion) 18%
curcumin 1%
black pepper infusion 1%


organic aronia juice 95%
linden infusion 4%
Ceylon cinnamon infusion 1%

More specifically:

Natural Boost is a natural product that delivers energy from its ingredients alone, without the addition of vitamins, preservatives, or other flavours enhancers. It should not be confused with other products referred as energy drinks, because it does not contain any caffeine, taurine or other stimulants. It is completely safe for consumption by children or pregnant or vulnerable groups.

Natural Glow contains a balanced juice combination of 2 well known antioxidant fruits, our aronia berry and sweet cherry. This fruity recipe is enhanced by the use of curcumin, the active natural compound in turmeric, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant component. But curcumin is not alone, because it is accompanied by another close friend, black pepper, which helps it to be absorbed by the human body with an incredible rate of 2000%. At the end we add an infusion of mint to give a refreshing, even seductive character.

Natural Spark is our bio certified product with the most advanced rate of organic aronia juice, that of 95%. But we don’t stay there! We have to feed our imagination by adding a small amount of linden infusion and enlighten our minds with the gentle touch of Ceylon cinnamon infusion!


Aronia Spreads


aronia 30%
kiwi 25%
orange 22%
brown sugar 20%
lemon 2%
salt 0.8%
melissa officinalis 0.2%


aronia 30%
kiwi 25%
goji berry 22%
brown sugar 20%
lemon 2%
salt 0.8%
sage 0.2%

Regarding to spreads, they are products that due to their composition in fruits, herbs and little salt but especially to their texture, can give general tasting energy, can help in good functioning of the intestine and digestive tract and can be widely used in cooking. For example, apart for enjoying them on bread, cake and croissants, they can also be added to recipes for sour and sweet sauces, cheeses, yoghurt or cereal bars and be put as ingredient to marinated recipes for red meat, like pork or haunting.


Aronia or black choke-berry is a valuable medicinal plants the fruits of which belong to the family of berries and have the strongest antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiviral properties from other relevant fruits, according to international literature. In particular, they have a very high ORAC value (Ogygen Radical Absorbance Capacity – a measure of antioxidant power to neutralize free radicals) – almost 80 units, the highest among fruits. This is important because antioxidants protect the body’s cells from the damaging effects of oxidation.

More typically, in the United States, the aronia was tested by the Ministry of Agriculture in November 2007. A public comparison was made showing that compared to 276 other foods in the US aronia is classified as No1 antioxidant!
In general, aronia fruit contains polyphenols, anthocyanins, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, serotonin, catechins, tannins, pectin, vitamin B1 to 9, C, A, E, K, P, trace elements, iron, magnesium, folic acid, calcium and potassium.

Thus, the benefits of aronia fruit can be summarized as follows:

  • protects from
    1. cardiovascular diseases
    2. diseases of the genitourinary and digestive system (urinary bladder, prostate, stomach, small intestine and colon)
    3. radioactivity
  • stimulates the regeneration of muscle and connective tissue and blood
  • reduces oxidative stress hormones by inhibiting the free radicals of oxygen
  • lowers blood glucose levels
  • increases body vitality and basic metabolism
  • overcomes nervous disorders and fatigue

Rightly, therefore, aronia is referred to internationally as

nature’s healer and protector – the fruit of natural healing and protection
THE INSPIRATION OF THE PROJECT –  The idea of Roni The Great – Conquer your own world!

1. The source of inspiration behind the name and the motto for the products is Alexander The Great, who remained known in the history, because of his life and main actions, as the Leader who started from ancient Pella and managed to conquer the known world at the time.

2. The previous analysis shows that aronia is rightly be considered as the great antioxidant

3. The place of origin and the cultivation of the aronia are taking part in the Prefecture of Pella and more specifically in the Municipality of Alexander The Great.

So, we gave the products the name Roni The Great based on a fresh and at the same time dynamic perspective of our business activity. We would like in this way to encourage all of you to taste our products, feel and get the natural energy and get also inspired to win your personal goals and eventually conquer your own world, that is, to overcome first of all yourself and prove that you are better than your expectations.

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