Our brand name is ”Savvas”, which stands not only for my first name, but also as a special thanks to my memorable grandfather, who remains until now my inspiration. The double ‘v’ in “Savvas” is represented as a cute moustache, my grandfather’s most recognizable physical characteristic, which I preserved myself as a tribute to him.

I have a passion about savory food. I always use my senses to appreciate it like a great ritual. This is something I learned from my grandfather, a great food connoisseur, who used to say ''Food must have taste, otherwise you don't enjoy it''. After being involved in the food business for quite long, I would modify this a bit to make it fit to the market’s needs as well: ''Food must have taste, otherwise you don't sell it either.'' With this always in mind, I created “Green Blue Savours”, a small, family, olive oil bottling enterprise. My goal was to make my own business footprint by selling an honest, extra virgin Greek olive oil, one that I would buy myself for me and my family. To put it in a simple and heart-felt way, olive oil is a gift to me.

Savvas Hadjidimitriou

Our mission is to take the year’s fresh olive oil, which comes from the very first olive pressing, and filter it, in order to make it last more. Afterwards, we bottle it straight away in a traditional metal can, keeping it protected from light and delivering it to you intact and exactly as delicious as when it was bottled.

  • Manage

    We manage the raw materials in a food-safe place, licensed by the local industry department and by the Ministry of Development and Food

  • Filter

    We filter the fresh olive oil with filter paper, suitable for olive oil, to free it from the natural fatty material of the flesh (known as marsh), which alters the taste and degrades it qualitatively. The result is a clear and crystallized olive oil

  • Store

    We temporarily store in stainless food tanks according to the region of origin and keep at a constant indoor temperature of not more than 15oC

  • Bottle

    We bottle fresh olive oil in metal containers suitable for food

  • Assurance

    We ensure at all stages the necessary food control procedures according to the provisions of the Special Food Control Body and with the ISO 22000 management standard certified by a third control body


Savvas is born

In 2013 Savvas makes its first appearance in the world of savory foods


New flavours are added

In 2015 Savvas extends its range with flavoured olive oils


Release of the new Savvas - Greek Islands series

The Savvas - Greek Islands series, concerns a premium series of 4 extra virgin olive oils from 4 Greek islands known for the PGI indication - Protected Geographical Indication

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